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And so it is on. Shortly after we arrived back we found 2 Renault ambulances for sale and we managed to secure both of them.

Our plan was to successfully take 3 ambulances and get them all back to work in The Gambia. Our 3rd vehicle arrived from London and we set about raising the funds.

Currently we have pencilled in 4th January 2020 as the day we will set off again.

This is because during the first run we could not find commercial sponsors to support us.

Our target is to raise £3900 per vehicle which equates to £1 per mile per vehicle. This covers Insurance, Channel tunnel and ferry costs, maintenance fuel border and toll fees. As per the first run each participant will contribute a financial sum and pay their own expenses.

We have had the support of staff and students at Vision West Notts College who have agreed to undertake the maintenance on the ambulances and prepare them for the journey and their new life in The Gambia.

We were half way to achieving our target when a local businessman kindly purchased and donated an ex Red Cross ambulance to add to our project.

And then there were 4.

Our fundraising target has subsequently increased from £11700 to £15600 which is a huge undertaking for a small volunteer lead charity.

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As we have said we need to raise £1 per mile per vehicle to get the 4 ambulances the 3900 miles from Nottingham to TheGambia and back to work.

With that in mind we are looking for 500 people kind enough to donate £20 before December 2019 to fund this project.

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